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Virtual Tours - 360 navigation photo panoramas

By Anonymous - Posted on 03 March 2010

A Virtual Tour is a 360 degree panoramic photo with views than can be rotated by clicking inside the image and dragging with the mouse to move the view. I began creating Virtual Tours when the technology first became available, initially with the release of the Java programming system in 1995. Today most virtual tours are composed for viewing with the Adobe Flash or Apple Quicktime software that is available on most PCs. In the rare incidence it is not installed, a pop-up option will display allowing an easy download. Flash is the application that also allows viewing all movies online, such as those found on YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, so likely it is already installed. Today I create Virtual Tours professionally and use as my place of business.

I also have a bit of a travel bug and when possible take my equipment with me, although it certainly weighs down the old backpack. Below I am providing some links to recent virtual tours I have taken at various points of interest, some in the US and most through Mexico and Cen