This website is still under construction. My blog isn't quite ready yet but feel free to register and have a look at my recent travel photos by navigating to the "Photo Gallery" link to the left, once you sign in.

2010Feb10 - Photo Gallery link seems to be working after many frustrating hours of tweaking! You must sign in to first, then the ID created here propagates to my photo gallery. You can also log directly into the photo gallery using the same ID chosen here. On the Gallery link, you can view photos only (no blog/limited narrative). The stand-alone photo gallery without the wrapper you are currently viewing is accessed via

Note: The slide-show feature of the gallery is somewhat intimidating the first trip through, but a video presentation I created for my sister's site will give you great insight to its operation:

Note: Logging in is a requirement not to capture your information but to ensure I am dealing at a personal level with friends or potential friends and not those whose objective is spam or malice.

Additional links of mine: (profile & tidbits) (temporarily suspended while I work on this site) (video offerings)