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About the Website

Not oddly enough, this website bears the name of it's creator, the ever eccentric, slightly insane, highly controversial, boringly technical, roaming hobo, sexy-mahhn and sometimes wildly outrageous, Don Anthony.

This website is mostly about travel with links to more photographs than you'll ever, ever look at but most uniquely when compared to others it is about my experiences while traveling. And I, like one of my favorite entertainers, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert will "feel travel at you" as I move from place to place. When you travel with me, you will feel what I do, exciting or oddly as it may end up with many fun facts that are for the most part, accurate. If you need geography or historical details, you always have Google and Wiki. Just remember, I don't pack an Air-Link card or encyclopedia in my duffel. What I do pack when traveling is an open mind, an imagination and a sense of humor along with a very keen ear and eye.

Along with my passion of travel, I'll also throw in some other odds and ends regarding SCUBA diving, home repair (since that seems my main profession), maintenance experience on my log-cabin home and some old and new school electronic help and guidance. There probably isn't a gadget made that I have not at least tried to repair before tossing in the trash.

I hope you enjoy these tales. fables and insights. I love to make new friends, so maybe we can work something out there too. So have fun here and until next time, here's feelin' at ya'.